The stories behind our collections


Stylish and Contemporary

Artemis Collection

The Artemis Collection comes from a family business with decades of experience in jewellery making. Their creations come to life in the outskirts of Jaipur, India [read more]

Delicate and Refined

Spirited Collection

This traditional workplace is in the heart of Jaipur’s commercial district. Vivek is business trained but highly creative and his passion for making is what motivated him to start his business [read more]

Luxurious Quality

Textiles Collection

Mr Das knew the importance of ensuring traditional fabric making skills didn’t disappear from his region in Assam, as it would force families or their children to move away [read more]

Bold and Beautiful

Statement Collection

Akash is one of the current 'caretakers' of this organisation, along with thousands of locals from the surrounding region... and is widely known for its bead making [read more]

Relaxed and Contemporary

Fusion Collection

Anuva has created a dynamic business working with young up and coming jewellery designers. They provide fresh ideas for her collections, and also gives them the opportunity to [read more]

Fresh Contemporary Designs

Newfound Collection

Every time Deepanjali opened her mother's jewellery box her eyes twinkled. The beautifully carved and molded metals along with the colorful precious stones made her want [read more]


Bold and Colourful

Upcycle Collection

Shaina, is a passionate advocate for women’s financial independence and education. The business is based on the busy industrial outskirts of New Delhi, India and was established [read more]


Magnetic Collection

Her jewellery designs would quickly sell out so she was able to add two local women to her very small production team. Before long she needed more women [read more]

Exquisite Design

MyPower Collection

Martina has a strong design background through her parents and together they established an NGO in Phnom Penh that provides training in silver-smithing to local young people [read more]

Unique materials

Forever Collection

A second-generation family run business in the city of Jaipur is behind the Forever Collection, which started out as a leather tannery and now creates beautiful handmade leather products [read more]

Meaningful Forms

Evolution Collection

Sisters Valeria and Maria were raised in the large city of Buenos Aires. Several years ago, they moved a 6-hour drive south, to the coastal town and tourist hotspot of Miramar [read more]