What is Fast Fashion | Finders & Makers

What is Fast Fashion

The true cost of staying on trend. Investment in good quality statement pieces, that serve a purpose, last a lifetime, and makes us feel our best a...

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How to Store Jewellery | Finders & Makers

How to Store Jewellery

Making your precious pieces last  People across the world face the same dilemma constantly of how to best store the vast array of jewellery accumul...

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What makes you happy? | Finders & Makers

What makes you happy?

As one year ends and another begins, many of us spend time reflecting on the year that was and thinking what might be different in the year ahead. ...

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What is resilience? | Finders & Makers

What is resilience?

We share our recent experience of being hacked and how we gathered all the resilience we could muster to recover and move forward.

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How to Shop Ethically | Finders & Makers

How to Shop Ethically

Making the switch to ethical shopping can be challenging, but if you can harness even a little bit of your passion for positive change, you will be...

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