Behind the scenes: The faces of Finders & Makers

As a small business, it’s often hard to find the time to do everything, but with a business like Finders & Makers, a regular photoshoot that shows off our products and gets everyone excited about how gorgeous they are is essential!

I generally book about 4 to 6 fashion photoshoots per year and will often schedule a shoot around a new product or collection that’s arrived or about to be launched. In this case we had been planning the shoot for three months  because we wanted to present our collections with different faces ready for the festive season. 

Finders & Makers photo shoot healthy snacks for all

Following several months of planning the photoshoot day finally arrived. We were thrilled with the content planned which featured our most loved products, new collections and also saw us shooting many behind the scenes videos (because our followers love them!). It was going to be a long day but we all met up bright, early and enthusiastic on a Sunday morning (with snacks) to get started. The team we pulled together for this shoot included our 3 fabulous models - Yen, Anne and Biggz; along with Annie the makeup artist, Tori our photographer and 3 team members from Finders & Makers, Daniela, Ali and myself. 

A really important consideration for us when organising a shoot is partnering with like minded people. Whether in front of, or behind the camera, it’s essential they share the same ethos as us when it comes to being advocates for ethical fashion. We often profile the artisans who make our collections, but today we’re peeking behind the scenes! It's all about the gorgeous faces you see on our website: the models who lovingly showcase our pieces and inspire you to fall in love with our collections as much as they do. As is the case with all of us - they each have their own passions, goals and stories and as the cameras clicked away we got the chance to learn more about them. 

Anne - model

Anne has been modelling for about 5 years and got into it because she wanted to embrace the opportunity to show her personality and build her confidence. Anne’s favourite part of a model photoshoot is interacting with the different personalities on the shoot, and networking. “You get to know different people from different parts of the world. Before COVID, we had so many photographers and even models coming from overseas, and I actually had the opportunity to collaborate with some too.” 

Finders & Makers photo shoot Model Anne

In her spare time, Anne loves to stay fit and healthy and is looking forward to some solid beach time this summer to catch up on her reading. Originally from Germany, she has a passion for travel and is looking forward to being back in the world again.   

Anne has quite an entrepreneurial and creative spirit and would like to expand the direction of her career over the next year or so. “Just building those connections and supporting other creatives is amazing. My vision is to really step into business; I’ll be a qualified art therapist soon. It's really about educating people and encouraging them to connect to their creativity. It’s also about bringing that sense of belonging, happiness and healing that comes with it. That kind of spirit made her a perfect match for our shoot. “I love the authenticity and the uniqueness that comes with Finders & Makers. That's something that stood out to me immediately. It’s great to be involved with something that’s so meaningful. It’s not about money, it’s not about profit, it’s just about supporting people and goodness. It's something I really connect with.”

Annie - make up artist and hair stylist 

Annie has been working as a makeup artist in house and freelance for the past few years. She is also a certified baker and a mother to two daughters. Annie loves the glamour of makeup artistry and photoshoot makeup and the chance to talk to people but it’s also an outlet for her undeniable creativity. 

Finders & Makers photo shoot Make up artist Annie

Annie’s attention to detail is remarkable - a skill she also channels into calligraphy, sketching, and painting. “You know, the more you're into it, the more you want your work to be perfect. The more I want it to be accurate and to the point.” She likes to keep herself busy and has her sights set on career growth over the next twelve months. “I hope I am where I want to be in the industry in a year, especially in the makeup industry. I’d like to expand and get more into it”.

Annie loved working with everyone as a team on the shoot and we loved having her! “What Finders & Makers are doing is something amazing and fantastic. I loved working with all of the team and it's been a really good experience for me to get to work with them.”


Biggz - model

Biggz had a less than conventional entry to modelling, winning a competition on Instagram. “I think what I like about it is that it's not just you being a canvas to display, you can represent something as well. It's not just, you know, to look pretty in front of the camera - you can represent something”. Biggz has been particularly inspired by South Sudanese-British model Alek Wek. “For example, someone told her to wear a blonde wig on the runway but she said ‘no, I’m beautiful in my own skin’ and she just took it all the way through to the runway to make a statement. So you can have a sense of advocacy.”

Finders & Makers photo shoot Model Biggz

Along with modelling, Biggz has a business with her sister, producing Australian made comfort wear. Like many of us, Briggs is focussing on a better post-pandemic life in the future. “Over the next twelve months I’d like to grow not only personally, but career wise as well. Plus socialising and seeing family! Her passion in her downtime is sport, including high intensity activities such as soccer, athletics and volleyball.  

Biggz was thrilled to be involved in our shoot and it was great to hear what an impact it made on her. “I'm really honoured to model for Finders & Makers because there's something behind the brand, it’s not just fast fashion. Usually I just go to a shoot and people are just like, ‘oh yeah, I started a clothing business’ and then when I understood what Finders & Makers were doing - especially with these women as well, I was like, wow, this is amazing!” 

Yen - model

Yen is from Vietnam originally and started modelling because she wanted to meet new people. While some find the idea of modelling terrifying for Yen it’s the opposite. “It's like you let go, when you’re there, you have fun and then people take photos and that's it! I love it! They’ve got a vision, they give you their ideas and you deliver something beyond the everyday look.” 

Finders & Makers photo shoot Model Yen

Yen loves to ride her bike in her free time to stay fit, but she also goes to the gym and does yoga. She’s looking forward to travelling again - especially to visit family back in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and in America. It was great to hear what she had to say about Finders & Makers too. “  

First of all I like the design and the look. The pieces are very elegant - not too much, but not too little either. I like the story behind the products too and I love that they are fair trade”.

So there you have it, a little insight into the faces and team behind the Finders & Makers photo shoot.

Finders & Makers photo shoot the team

From left to right: Yen, Biggz, Daniela, Carina (Me), Ali, Annie, Anne.

As is often the case with a fashion photoshoot, the day was long, but rewarding for all involved. As you can see from the pictures we took!

Until next time,

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