How to Store Jewellery

Making your precious pieces last 

People across the world face the same dilemma constantly of how to best store the vast array of jewellery accumulated over a lifetime. We’ve all dealt with the tangled disasters, missing earring backs, stray beads, and discoloured tarnished pieces that have been sitting for too long in that dish on the bathroom sink. 

There is a fine art to storing jewellery and once you’ve hacked it you will truly feel like you’ve unlocked another level in life’s video game. Storing jewellery well has a dual purpose – on the one hand it makes everything inviting, easy to access, and inspiring for you to make style choices about when getting dressed. On the other hand, jewellery that is stored well will be protected from knots, tangles, breakages, and tiny parts going missing; as well as being prevented from discolouration or tarnishing. Jewellery storage is particularly important after you’ve been cleaning jewellery – especially if you have spent considerable time and attention to remove tarnish.

Gold necklace from Finders and Makers

 How to best organise jewellery    

When organising jewellery, it is also useful to consider how to arrange things for easy access. Your arrangement could be based on pieces you wear most often to least often; or it could be colour coded so you can mix and match with your outfits at a glance – all the red pieces together, all the white pieces together and so on. Some people like to sort by what the jewellery is made of – for example all the wood necklaces together, all the glass and resin pieces together, all the gold jewellery together. Again – it really comes down to your own unique preferences and behaviours around your style choices. It’s a good idea to separate fine pieces that will tangle easily into their own small bags, or even wrapped in a piece of tissue. Consider what impact pieces will have on each other when stored side by side – for example sometimes copper or brass jewellery can oxidise, which may affect the surface or shine of pearls if stored next to them.  

      Organized jewellery

How to best store your jewellery

This of course will come down to the individual and largely be determined by the type of jewellery you own. If you mostly wear metals and stick to delicate pieces a simple box will do the job nicely. If, however you have a wide selection of chunky, or long, or multi stranded vibrant pieces made from metal, wood, leather, resin, glass, fabric and so on, you may need a more robust solution. A decorative ladder works very well as storage for bigger necklaces and scarves – as does a coat hanger. A pin board or something with hooks on it is a great solution for earrings, while low flat drawers are great for studs and rings and more delicate pieces of gold and silver jewellery

A jewellery and a storage pouch

If you have just a few precious pieces a simple fabric or leather jewellery organiser is perfect – not only because it stores everything in a neat and contained way but also because it protects your pieces from moisture and air, reducing their potential to tarnish or change colour over time. There are plenty of custom designed boxes on the market with all the slots and drawers and hooks and holes you could wish for. You can even get a professional in to add a dedicated jewellery section to your wardrobe (WHAT a dream!)

Do you have a particularly impressive jewellery storage system? Share them with us!

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