Necessity Breeds Creativity

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, not ‘they’ - actually it was the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato.

I couldn’t agree with this more. When resources are scarce, or expensive to acquire, there is always a group of people who will use their ingenuity to create and make a better life for themselves. I’ve been lucky to see this numerous times in action during my travels.

Every time I meet up with the Makers of our beautiful jewellery collections, I am blown away. From using recycled fabrics to create beautiful unique jewellery (check out the Upcycle Collection) to transforming furniture off-cuts into gorgeous contemporary necklaces (see our Fusion Collection).

In situations where people have nothing left to lose, the driving force is often to make a living out of what is available. This resourcefulness is nothing but astonishing. Our brains enter another realm - they are supercharged out of necessity and determination to shake the status quo.

Another example of this, is breeding the Eri Silk worm and turning their beautiful ‘broken’ cocoons into exquisite vegan shawls that will last a lifetime. This newly discovered process has given employment to hundreds in villages in North East India.

Thanks to their positive outlook in life, learnt skills and creativity, many of our Makers have stable, income-producing micro-businesses that provide financial sustainability to them and their families. In development terms, we know this is BIG, as the impact changes entire communities and improves the wellbeing of so many.

Financial sustainability allows children to attend school. Educated women have a reduced risk of dying in childbirth, and their children have a better chance of surviving past the age of five. Educated mothers also are more likely to provide their children with the healthcare and nutrition they need. (Source: Gates Notes)

As you can see, the creative process involved here has significant impact.

Interestingly, what our Makers create out of necessity is what many forward-thinking corporations are after. You can read more on designing the right balance in the workplace here.

Everything around us has been created from some form of creative process. Stop and wonder. You may look at things slightly differently now.

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Photo credits in order of appearance: Patrick Tomasso, Kristian Gonzalez, next three pictures Finders and Makers, Annie Spratt

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