To Discount or Not to Discount

When I started Finders and Makers I was certain of one thing. I didn't want to discount any of the products I sourced from the Artisans. It didn’t feel right.


Because I felt that discounting their beautiful creations meant we didn’t value their work.

To put it simply, discounting would be an insult to the time and skill each Maker invested in the beautiful accessories they delivered.

The products we source at Finders and Makers are individually handcrafted - they don’t pop out of a machine or factory line.

And I’ve been there. I’ve seen them fire the brass and silver so it bends to shape with their hands. Cover beads one-by-one with recycled fabric whilst overseeing their children play. Weave beautiful silk on their family’s loom under their front verandah.

Countless hours invested in the beautiful accessories we love to wear.

Discounting just doesn't seem fair.

So for that reason, we want you to know that any discounts are completely on us. Although it is common practice in the industry, we are not asking our artisans to discount their work.

Our products are already fairly priced. They also include healthy families, wonderful working conditions, education for children, opportunities for women.

So as we approach the consumption craze leading to the festive season, how about we give a little more thought to what we buy and how things are made?

We know you will absolutely love the collections of sustainable ethically handmade jewellery we have curated. For that reason, we will create occasional promotions so you can own your very own pieces. These promotions are entirely on us.

Let's rise above the hype of this silly period and exercise the biggest power of all: our buying choice.

We welcome you into our online store to select from our beautiful collection of Artisan handmade, ethical and fair trade items.

Because how you look is only half the story.

Happy shopping.



All pictures copyright of Finders and Makers

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