What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

More than ever, we want to spend our time doing things that matter. We have learned that finding purpose is of more importance than it may have been previously. We want to get the most out of our lives and learning how to love what we do – with regard to our families, our careers and our futures, is a key component of this. Thanks to behavioural science, we know some of the fundamental things that make us happy as humans. Implementing these into our lives then gives us a great foundation to learn and develop what makes us happy as individuals – because we all have our own unique tastes and needs.

  1. Positive thinking – finding a way to manage negative thoughts, look for the silver lining and bring a dose of optimism into challenging situations can increase our potential for happiness in the long term.
  1. Mindfulness – quieting the mind, filtering the external noise, and taking time every day for focus and perspective is a key driver for achieving long term happiness.

Mindfulness. Life with purpose. Finders & Makers

  1. Creativity – the thing that sets humans apart is our emotional experience when it comes to creativity. Psychologists have found time and again that creative pursuits boost happiness.
  1. Community – human beings thrive on interaction and engagement with other humans. The act of giving and receiving has been proven time and again to be a powerful force in elevating mood and sustaining mental and emotional wellbeing. Regardless of whether that’s emotions, support, actions, or gifts.

Community and life with purpose. Finders & Makers

  1. Purpose – life is so WEIRD right! Eat, sleep, work, play, interact, do jobs, and then repeat. It all becomes so dreary when done without a reason, a goal or some meaning. Finding purpose that results in waking up daily with a reason to go on, to do more, to be more is one of the greatest drivers of happiness.

    Our purpose makes us happy every single day

    The very reason Finders & Makers exists is because of our pursuit to love what we do! Every choice we make about our products becomes a decision that invests in someone else’s happiness. By choosing an ethically sourced approach, our business makes a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives. 

    Finders & Makers artisan with her children


    The nature of a business that represents artisan made products is that we’re surrounded by creativity every day. In sourcing our products and talking to our artisans we learn so much about their creative process and what inspires them. It’s impossible to not be inspired ourselves in return. We channel that inspiration into how we photograph their pieces – all painstakingly handmade. Our models have values aligned with ours, making for more meaningful shoots, and they become part of the Finders & Makers family rather than just contractors.

    Our lovely models with same values to the Finders & Makers sustainable ethical jewellery ethos

    It’s hard to put into words however the happiness we experience sending our products out to our customers. We lovingly pack each order, paying attention to every detail, knowing the happiness that will be experienced by the person unwrapping it. Although you may be accustomed to buying online now, please know that we still do a little happy dance every time we receive an order. Then when we see our customers out in the world looking gorgeous in Finders & Makers pieces – the circle is complete.

    We love packaging your orders. Finders & Makers

    There’s no better time than now to find your purpose. What makes you happy? Do you love what you do? Tell us more!




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