When an Enterprise Gives Back More Than Employment.

When Makers stay around for 20 to 30 years, that says a lot about an organisation.

​A third generation family business, we had the pleasure to share chai tea with the two most recent ‘caretakers’ at the helm - as these Finders, Akash and father Askok like to call themselves. The Statement Collection originates in New Delhi, India. As we finally find the building in yet another chaotic part of this over-crowded and busy city, we make our way up the stairs. Once inside and after what seemed to be a labyrinth of corridors on different levels, we were taken by complete surprise with what we experienced. A room – in fact many adjoining rooms - displaying over 70,000 little labelled jars, each with a unique type of bead! And this is not even their entire collection. They have 400,000 jars spread across different sites.

To think this is catalogued in the minds of those who run this organisation, is incredible. We couldn’t see any computers anywhere! Paper records combined with the loyalty of long standing employees is the backbone of this wonderful business. They look after their people.

They specialise in beautiful handmade glass, ceramic, wooden, bone and horn beads, of any colour, shape and design you could think of. In fact they were one of the largest exporter of beads in India.

Not only does this organisation give employment to hundreds of families, they are also use their success in business to fund a number of educational and health initiatives. They fully fund a hospital for women and pay for education for many of the worker’s children.

The organisation needed to move to more modern premises a long time ago, but refused to do so, as it would place their Makers at a disadvantage. The Makers here love coming to work. There are some skilled and some unskilled and many more small family businesses that supply the unique raw materials. Despite employing hundreds of people, everything seems to run like clockwork. Technology does not have a role here, just the trust and skills of a loyal workforce of talented Makers.

When we source from Finders like this one, we get warm and fuzzy knowing the products we make available to you have come through an ethical supply chain but also one that gives back to their own community where it needs it most.

Check out the gorgeous creations from these Artisans in the Statement Collection.

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All photos copyright of Finders and Makers

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