Why a sassy attitude will take you places - in a good way

The characteristics of a woman’s personality are wide open to interpretation and more often than not, they’re misunderstood. Being ‘sassy’ is a great example of this, but what does sassy mean and how can we harness more sass for the greater good?

As is the case with many definitions of a woman’s character, ‘sassy’ is often associated in the negative. Part ‘too much confidence’ and part ‘what a bitch’, sassy women have been victims of stereotypes for far too long. The new breed of sassy women is redefining the term and it’s time for the rest of us to catch up.

What does it mean to be sassy?
At its essence, a sassy attitude comes from an ingrained confidence and a burning desire to step outside of what people expect. A sassy woman is cheeky but not rude, witty without barbs, and sharp as a tack when it comes to what she cares about. She knows who she is and believes in the power of her unique personality – she makes things happen that ordinarily may not. She can survey a room, or thoughtfully listen to an argument, then throw back a sassy definition or response in an instant! She gits shit done, and she wants everyone to know about it and follow suit. 

Good vibes only because authenticity matters
The new sassy comes with good vibes only! It radiates positivity and confidence and is open hearted rather than mean spirited. A retort that is well thought out or informed is sassy and will land as such, creating meaningful action. A nasty comment that is off the cuff and without foundation is bitchy and will only result in hurt feelings and lost opportunities.

The fine thread that distinguishes sassy from bitchy is a tightrope women have walked for generations. It’s this exact dynamic that demands the redefining of sassy for today and beyond. It cannot be faked or influenced – a sassy woman is quietly confident, stating her case only if and when it’s needed. She avoids drama and knows when to stand her ground. She knows when to take the spotlight and when to nudge others into its beam. You know you’re in the presence of a sassy woman because those around her are basking in her glow. She’s great company and interactions with her have meaning and purpose. There is never an awkward silence when there’s a sassy woman in the house!

Model wearing Good Vibes Only necklace Finders and Makers

What it means for me
For me being sassy has been a crucial part of F&M’s evolution. Being able to remain positive and focused on our mission of 'looking good whilst doing good', despite the skepticism that enveloped us in the early stages. Speaking up, asking questions and carving our own path has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today.

The best part of living with this attitude are the other great entrepreneurs that have crossed paths with me. These entrepreneurs are also sassy with good vibes and share the common spirit of living a purposeful life. It's made the journey so much more interesting and fun!

The words 'sassy' and 'only good vibes' are such great reminders of how to live a meaningful and driven life we've made them into fine little necklaces!. Check them out.

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I wear mine everyday, will you?

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