Beyond the accreditations: our ethical sourcing methods.


For Finders and Makers, it’s not enough to have artisans tell us they’re Fair Trade certified for example – or even to show us their paperwork. We need to really understand the nature of their work and the finer details of it – where does it happen? Who does the work? What happens to the product at every stage?


From producing the raw materials, to transforming them into textures, colours and shapes, and then into objects and stunning artistic pieces – every step matters.


Learn more about why meeting our makers is such an important part of what we do in the video below.


We wanted to let you in on a beautiful handmade collection from our Finder Vivek and his team of artisans. It is being made right now for us in Jaipur in the north west of India.


Because of COVID we have a limited number of items on order, but they’re arriving into our warehouse in the next 2 or 3 weeks. So we have an exclusive wait list for those who want to secure a piece from this stunning collection.


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