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Artisan Jeweller and Founding Partner. Watch her video here.

Miramar, Argentina

Miramar is a coastal tourist city on the Atlantic Ocean in Argentina, 450km south of the capital Buenos Aires.


Artisan Jeweller and Founding Partner.

Sisters Valeria and Maria were raised in the large city of Buenos Aires. Several years ago, they moved a 6-hour drive south, to the coastal town and tourist hotspot of Miramar. They both had the ambition to own their own business and despite the risks and having no skills in jewellery making, they launched into an adventure of a lifetime - one that gives them creative satisfaction, in a business that now provides sustainable incomes for both of them. They work from a retail space in central Miramar, which allows them to showcase their constantly developing range and interact with customers as well.


Artisan skill and attention is poured into every piece.

One by One

Every piece individually handmade


Hands-on design and production processes

The women are self-taught silversmiths and create beautiful necklaces using silver and recycled materials. Passionate advocates for the environment, the sisters feel fiercely protective of the beautiful location they and their families now call home. Their passion for environmental issues can be seen reflected in recent designs, where they have upcycled used coffee pods to create a range of unique and colourful necklaces.

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