curious Difference makers, adventure seekers, creators of opportunities.

 MR Das 
 Eye for opportunity 
 cares deeply for 
 his community 
Has created change 

This is Mr Das.


Mr Das loves his village and its people. He has worked tirelessly to create opportunities for them.

He found a way to use the beautiful local skill of weaving to ensure sustainable and fair employment for all.


Just like Mr Das, Finders are passionate about creating a better world.


​Creative, inspired and enthusiastic, they love developing opportunities of positive social and financial impact for their Makers, their families and community.

Finders are individuals, co-operatives or entrepreneurs who value artisan skills used to make unique and individual things.

​At Finders and Makers, we connect a global tribe of conscious consumers with creative and talented 'Finders and Makers'. We offer a curated line of ethical jewellery and fair trade fashion accessories direct to you online.

We love to partner with our Finders for the long haul, because by supporting them, our community impact is much greater.