A second-generation family run business in the city of Jaipur is behind the Forever Collection, which started out as a leather tannery and now creates beautiful handmade leather products, including leather jewellery and bags. Finder Meena leads a large team of local women, who have been trained up with the necessary skills to make the products.

Finders & Makers Ethical Necklaces

Skilled application of vegetable dying methods and their commitment to ethically sourcing their raw materials, has earned this organisation an excellent reputation for quality. Their handbags and totes, leather document wallets, necklaces and bracelets are all made from their own leather, and detailed with stones, wood pieces and fabric.

Everything is handmade using traditional methods - that’s probably why we like the finish so much!  Their workspaces are airy, bright, large and organised and despite the large number of employees on site, there is a warm convivial family atmosphere that can be felt immediately when you enter.   

Jaipur is a beautiful city, known for mining and crafting semi-precious stones, jewellery making and quality leather craftsmanship – and our makers’ designs reflect their environment. They are proud of their city and their heritage, which is clearly evident in the workmanship you can see this in the collection.

ethical leather jewellery

The makers are kept busy with their work, chattering away, yet maintaining pace and attention as they create each piece with skill and a close attention to detail. When we visited the workshop, the staff were happy and they know their skills are essential to the quality of the product and highly valued. The business is fully Fairtrade certified and strives to maintain the highest level of accreditation for their practices and procedures. The experienced artisans in the workshop, such as Mohamed, are encouraged to mentor those who are still learning.