This humble business started its life as a clothing business, run out of the home of its Finder Tuhina, in Greater Noida, a big city about 1 hour outside of Delhi. A textiles designer by trade, Tuhina started creating clothes and selling them in a local market, which then led to a range of accessories being added to her collection. Her jewellery designs would quickly sell out so she was able to add two local women to her very small production team. Before long, demand skyrocketed and she needed more women on her team and some larger premises. Today she has a team of almost 100 people in various locations.

Although Tuhina started out with (in her words) “no jewellery making techniques and a whole lot of creativity”, before long she had refined her skills and passed on the knowledge to the women who worked with her, about how to create her designs. All of the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, neck ties and pendants in this collection are made from hand knotted cast iron and cotton thread, with such intricate detail that the pieces flow like silk when worn. In this area, only the most progressive families will allow women to work outside of the home and for this reason, Tuhina has created a modern, bright and airy space, where the women are looked after. She put everything on the line to create a place she loves to create in, so they do too.

In the space of just a few years, Tuhina’s designs and techniques have been taught to hundreds of ladies seeking employment; the new Makers, women who haven’t had the chance at an education, or been able to acquire employment skills previously. There is also a large group of local women for whom getting to a workplace is not possible. Lack of transport, childcare or the restrictions of cultural norms, prevent them from earning income outside the home. This necessary flexibility has been accommodated for, by a supportive network of women.