Head artisan, Deepanjali has always enjoyed making things, since she was a little girl. Every time her mother opened her jewellery box her eyes twinkled. The beautifully carved and molded metals along with the colorful precious stones made her want the jewellery piece even more. Since Deepanjali was very young she only had the privilege to hold them and perhaps sometimes put a few of them on and just flaunt them in front of the mirror. As she grew older she started to string colourful beads into bracelets and necklaces, often starting her designs on paper.

ethical jewellery Finders & Makers

It was her first purchased piece of jewellery, a beautiful Mother of Pearl bracelet set in silver from one of the local festive fairs, that she realised that there is much more than just designing and stringing to jewelry. She still has it stored in a treasure box.

When asked if she has any formal training, "I was pursuing graduation from my home town Lucknow. Looking at the black and white books did not nourish me. I would not say I was unhappy but it surely  wasn't what I loved doing. I then decided to leave my education in the middle of second year of college to go pursue jewellery making, something that my heart longed to do as I truly believe that everything that we put our heart into flourishes."

Ethical jewellery Finders & Makers

​Deepanjali believes there is no end to exploring the world of jewellery. An array of techniques to learn, followed by the challenges that comes with every learning. "I feel jewellery making is a form of self-expression and every experience polishes a new facet of my work."