Led by passionate and creative Finder Vivek, this traditional workplace is in the heart of Jaipur’s commercial district. Vivek is business trained but highly creative and his passion for making is what motivated him to start his business. He has built a trusted team of craftspeople, and though some women were working there, it is still predominantly a male dominated workplace.

Under Vivek’s instruction, the master jewellers create delicate handmade necklaces and earrings with precious metals, and embed them with a selection of quality locally sourced semi-precious stones. The airy and bright workshop supports the obsession for quality this team of Makers possesses. Everything is handmade, right down to the hand-woven chains on the necklaces. It’s amazing to watch them twist and turn tiny gold threads, to create beautiful and delicate wearable pieces.

The Finder has a disability, so has limited access to the workshop, however has innovated ways to keep engaged with what everyone is doing. Vivek has established a trusted team who are committed to bringing his designs to life and he supports ambition and initiative in his workers. In fact, he lets everyone know that if they wanted, they could run the organisation, as he would much prefer to spend his time creating rather than being at the helm. But it’s perhaps his appreciation of his workers and how much he clearly values their skills that keep his team where they are and him in the role he really would prefer to give away.