When Makers stay around for 20 to 30 years, it says a lot about an organisation. A third-generation family business - in Janakpuri and Varanasi - Akash is one of the current 'caretakers' of this organisation, along with thousands of locals from the surrounding region. The business has been a valued employer throughout its history and is widely known for its bead making. They were the largest bead exporter in India for many years – astonishing considering all the beads are handmade.

necklace artisans

These beautiful necklaces are constructed using handmade glass, clay, wooden, bone and horn beads, of any colour, shape and design you can imagine. In fact, the business owns more than 400,00 kinds of unique beads, spread across a number of workshops that the business has long outgrown, but can’t seem to part from. The organisation needed to move to more modern premises a long time ago, but refused to do so, as it would place their Makers at a disadvantage.  

beads for necklaces

The Makers here love coming to work. There are some skilled and some unskilled and many more small family businesses that supply the unique raw materials. Despite employing hundreds of people, everything seems to run like clockwork. Technology does not have a role here, just the trust and skills of a loyal workforce of talented Makers.