Finder Mr Das knew the importance of ensuring traditional fabric making skills didn’t disappear from his region in Assam, as it would force families, or their children to move away to be closer to employment. His persistence in reviving and promoting this art form has paid off, in particular with the production of Eri silk, also known as vegan silk or peace silk. Mr Das and his village have been making vegan silk and weaving it into luxurious scarves for a decade now, not only keeping traditional handcrafts alive, but countless Eri silk moths too! 

Looming is a lifelong tradition in Guwahati, in the Assam region in India. It was originally taught to ensure families could make their own clothes and textiles. 

Mostly, the women work the looms whilst the men are working the field. They sit to loom whenever they have spare time, around their other domestic duties. So, when you are a weaver, there is constantly a work in progress.

The Textiles Collection is a range of stunning fine silk scarves, all hand spun from silk, humanely extracted from discarded Eri silk worm cocoons (rather than the worms being destroyed to get to the silk).

The production cycle is taken care of here in its entirety. From the rearing of the silk moths, the spinning of the silk and the weaving of the beautiful scarves, to using natural vegetable dyes to create stunning colours. A magical experience indeed, where we met so many women Makers creating financial independence for their families, whilst enjoying an idyllic lifestyle in a beautiful part of the world.