Energising Paired Crescents Earrings

The Energising Collection features a range of contemporary and sustainable hand made pieces, using the pure material of brass. Their drive is about preserving Nepali culture and art. Every item is intricately hand made in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Behind the scenes coming soon)

Two hand-cut and polished brass crescents come together to create an illusion of two floating halves. Easy to wear and a unique design that reflects the light. Pure brass and nickel free.


The hand made nature of this item guarantees no two pieces are identical. Although the design will be the same, the item you receive may present slight colour variations and combinations different to that shown on the product page. If you have specific requirements of colour, contact us and we will endeavour to meet your preferences before shipping.

Energising Paired Crescents Earrings

  • The artisan group is led by two passionate founders of Nepali art and culture. Designs are made in pure brass, which they believe provide metaphysical benefits and provide an important role in the development of Nepali culture.

    • Each piece is lovingly hand made by an Artisan, in a bright and beautiful work space.
    • Every item is shipped in a soft, vegetable tanned, genuine leather pouch. Read more.


prices are in australian dollars

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