MyPower Hug Ring

The MyPower Collection features a range of handmade solid sterling silver jewellery. The artisans who create the simple yet stylish designs have graduated from a silversmithing apprenticeship run by a Cambodian based NGO. (Click here for more on this collection)

The Hug ring is hand crafted from a single piece of solid sterling silver, stretched to achieve the desired shape. A design that is fully adjustable, smooth and easy to wear everyday. 

Create a set with matching bracelet and earrings.


The hand made nature of this item guarantees no two pieces are identical. Although the design will be the same, the item you receive may present slight colour variations and combinations different to that shown on the product page. If you have specific requirements of colour, contact us and we will endeavour to meet your preferences before shipping.

MyPower Hug Ring

SKU: IN006
Metal: Silver
  • A silversmithing school based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, operated by an NGO to provide employment skills to disadvantaged youth. Led by a passionate and determined Italian philanthropist couple who want to see change in a country with so much potential.

    • Each piece is lovingly made by an Artisan to gain financial independence. Learn more.
    • Every item is shipped in a soft, vegetable tanned, genuine leather pouch. Read more.


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