Mulberry Silk and Cotton Scarf - Diamond Print


The textile collection is made in a remote area in North Eastern India. Its residents are now happily continuing a looming tradition with the adoption of fair trade practices. (Click here for behind the scenes)

Super lightweight, you won't even notice you are wearing this beautifullly stylish scarf.

Made from a combination of luxurious Mulberry silk and locally sourced cotton, this scarf offer a soft, silky feel. The beautiful translucent go-to piece is dyed by master artisans using natural sourced organic ingredients from the Assam region.

The scarf is completed with hand-twisted fringes.


The hand made nature of this item guarantees no two pieces are identical. Although the design will be the same, the item you receive may present slight colour variations and combinations different to that shown on the product page. If you have specific requirements of colour, contact us and we will endeavour to meet your preferences before shipping.

Materials | Size | Weight
100% organic Mulberry silk and cotton
64cm wide x 200cm long
The hand twisted fringe is 6cm long.

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