Upcycle Textile Pendant Necklace


The Upcycle Collection features a range of vibrant jewellery that comes to life using leftover fabric remnants. (Click here for behind the scenes)

Handcrafted with intricate detail, this unique necklace will be the statement accessory talked about. Each recycled segment of fabric is colour selected to cover tiny spheres. They are then carefully sewn and assembled together. The chosen warm tones complement the antique gold colours.


The handmade nature of this item guarantees no two pieces are identical. Although the design will be the same, the item you receive may present slight colour variations and combinations different to that shown on the product page. If you have specific requirements of colour, contact us and we will endeavour to meet your preferences before shipping.

Materials | Size | Weight
Woven cotton 35%
Iron 30%
Brass 35%
Chain length: 52cm

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