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  • How to Shop Ethically

    Making the switch to ethical shopping can be challenging, but if you can harness even a little bit of your passion for positive change, you will be able to take the first step. Once that’s done you can forge ahead finding your new favourite ethical brands and retailers and start leaving your old fast and dirty life behind you! No Change Comes Without Challenge and Reward A switch from your old shopping habits to new ones can be difficult. There are definitely pros and cons to making the switch, but in the long run, the benefits will far outweigh the shortfalls. The Pros: The most obvious pro is the feel-good benefits. You’ll love the experience of authentic giving, as well as knowing that your unique purchase will be appreciated for a long time. There are benefits to your conscience too. Many of us know the right choices to make, but we bargain with ourselves for the short-term gain. Sticking to your principles gives you a great boost to your own self-worth. One of the most underestimated pros is that ethical shopping (especially online) is generally a much more relaxing and inspiring experience. No mad queues, or buying what has been advertised aggressively. No wasted time finding car parking in busy shopping centres. Instead you can relax in your own home with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and browse away at your leisure. Buying products made by workers that are treated with respect in their workplace, being paid fair wages and in a safe environment, has a tenfold benefit. A report called Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2017 by Boston Consulting Group revealed that a simple 5% increase in retail price could double the wages of the workers who made the garment. Buying Fairtrade has its own unique set of pros. Not only does it promote gender equality by providing stable and regulated employment solutions for women, (70% of the garment industry workforce are women and 70% of the world’s poor are women). It also recognises the significant impacts that well employed women have on future generations – from education, to nutrition to health care, to breaking cycles of poverty and of course building stronger future workforces. Learn more here. The Cons (with solutions!): It’s true that finding ethical gifts can be challenging and time consuming. There’s the con. However, part of the reason for that is branding! We are so conditioned to buy brands based on logos and perceived value and we are so spoilt for choice, that we forget how to shop outside of our normal habits. It will take some time in the beginning to find your new favourite ethical brands but once you know who they are you’ll never look back. Remember – big brands pour their money into marketing and brand development. Ethical brands put it into their supply chain and their products. ‘The cost’ is often considered a con – however ‘the true cost’ is the greatest con. As suggested in our last post, watching the documentary The True Cost will be provide valuable insights into the issues. Ethical shopping means moving away from cheap gimmicks and gadgets so you may have to say goodbye to your usual ‘stocking stuffers’ at Christmas. There’ll be less volume but much more ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of quality, longevity and social and environmental impact. Check out the recent Australian series, War on Waste Finally, a pro disguised as a con – you have to be better organised and you can’t shop last minute. Seems like a con but just imagine NOT having to battle crowds at busy shopping centres, to get presents, in a rush, that you put no thought into! All this detective work may feel a little overwhelming at first, but harness that burst of new year motivation we all get and it won’t take long to get things in motion. Even a small shift can make a difference. Why not hop over to our friends at The Goodsmiths? They have curated an awesome bunch of brands that are ethically made. They are also super protective of the environment, so every gift idea has a sustainability thread through it. You can find anything from experiences, skincare, food, clothing, and much more. You are sure to find something for most people on your buying list. Check them out here. Consumption is really driven by us, the consumers. We have the power to choose and start making a change. It is the road less travelled, but just like Finders and Makers, you too can stand up for the welfare of people who make what we use or experience. We hope you too can take some action. Remember, how you look is only half the story. Until next time Carina. @findersandmakers # #fairtrade #fairtradefashion #fairtradejewelry #fairtradegifts #fairtradestyle #fairtradematters #fairtradebags #fairtrademovement #FairtradeAddict #fairtradesourcing #empowerwomen #empowerwomenthroughfairtrade #empowerwomentoempowerwomen #ethicallymade #ethicallysourced #ethicaljewelry #ethicalstyle #ethicalbrand #ethicalliving #ethicaljewellery #ethicalgifts #ethicalconsumer #EthicalConsumerism #ethicallifestyle #ethicalhunter #ethicaltrade #ethicalfashionbrand #ethicalaccessories #ethicalpreneur #fairtradefanatic #greenchristmas #zerowastechristmas #ethicalchristmas #ethicalbrand #goodbusinessmatters #ethicalshoppingaustralia #buygreen #fairtradeaustralia #recyclechristmas #beagoodsmith #goodsmiths #goodsmith #ethicalshopping #socialenterprise #fairtradeaustralia #consciousconsumerism #bcorp ⁠ #wasteless #purchasewithpurpose #greenthinking #greenliving #sustainableproducts #ecoshopping #wastefree #sustainability #waronwaste #zerowaste

  • To Discount or Not to Discount

    When I started Finders and Makers I was certain of one thing. I didn't want to discount any of the products I sourced from the Artisans. It didn’t feel right. Why? Because I felt that discounting their beautiful creations meant we didn’t value their work. To put it simply, discounting would be an insult to the time and skill each Maker invested in the beautiful accessories they delivered. The products we source at Finders and Makers are individually handcrafted - they don’t pop out of a machine or factory line. And I’ve been there. I’ve seen them fire the brass and silver so it bends to shape with their hands. Cover beads one-by-one with recycled fabric whilst overseeing their children play. Weave beautiful silk on their family’s loom under their front verandah. Countless hours invested in the beautiful accessories we love to wear. Discounting just doesn't seem fair. So for that reason, we are NOT participating in Black Friday. In fact, we will not be discounting our products ever. Our products are already fairly priced. They also include healthy families, wonderful working conditions, education for children, opportunities for women. So as we appoach the consumption craze leading to the festive season, how about we give a little more thought to what we buy and how things are made? Let's rise above the hype of this silly period and exercise the biggest power of all: our buying choice. We welcome you into our online store to select from our beautiful collection of Artisan handmade, ethical and fair trade items. Because how you look is only half the story. Happy shopping. Carina x All pictures copyright of Finders and Makers #knowthemaker #whomademyclothes #veganlife #consciousfashion #sustainablefashionblogger #melbournefashion #ethicallymade #sustainablefashion #fairtradefashion #melbournestyle #socialimpact #ethicalstyle #australianstyle #australianblogger #melbournefashionblogger #fairtradejewelry #fairtradeproducts #whomadeyourclothes #whomadeyourjewelry #consciousconsumer #consciousstyle #consciousentrepreneur #consciousshopping

  • Bobby Pins and Vegan Treats: Behind the Scenes at a Photo Shoot

    No matter how much planning goes into these photo shoots, when you’re a novice, you can be guaranteed something will be missed. Recently we had a photo shoot for our products, and despite having done this twice before for Finders and Makers, the whole thing is still well outside of my comfort zone. In my career as a marketing professional, I’ve been involved in many photo shoots, but the world of fashion is a different beast. So, I found myself very early on a Sunday morning driving to the photo shoot via a 24hr Kmart to buy bobby pins and hair spray. Why you ask? Because our hairdresser cancelled at the 11th hour, so we had to default to plan b and improvise. I couldn’t help wondering on the way, what else I might have forgotten. As I was heading to the location, I felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation. On the one hand, I felt pride for venturing further into the unknown, while on the other hand, I was trembling at the thought of not getting it right and looking like a beginner. I’ve learnt that in the fashion game photography is crucial. I had so many people who had put themselves forward because they believed in me - I needed to get this right so that I wouldn’t let them down. The Makers of course, but also, the aspiring models who volunteered their time, the Italian make-up artist who arrived in Australia just one week earlier full of hopes and dreams and my friend the photographer, who worked on her day off to accommodate everyone else on the shoot. As expected, there was a lot to organise, as we all assembled in the photographer’s backyard in the iconic and eclectic suburb of St Kilda, in Melbourne. There was the backdrop to place, the jewellery to lay out, and the props and clothing choices that had to be refined. We also had to hope Melbourne’s unpredictable weather would show some stability for the day ahead. This kind of mammoth effort needed long lasting sustenance of course, so with my best maternal instincts turned up on high, I had loaded up on generous amounts of healthy delicious vegan treats to keep everyone fed, happy and energised. In the chaos of setting up, I could have easily become flustered, but I instead turned to the skills I’d been learning in meditation lessons to breathe, be present and enjoy the moment - and that I did! Being mindful and present allowed me to appreciate my good fortune of having all these wonderful women come together, driven by their desire to help others. I was surrounded by people who supported the Finders and Makers vision of empowering women through financial independence. I also got to share the day with my beautiful eldest daughter Daniela, who I’ve connected with more deeply in recent times. As the models were made up and the shoot began, hundreds of pictures were captured. People don’t realise how much discomfort models endure to appear so relaxed or comfortable. From odd neck angles and unnatural poses, to standing on bricks, and holding oversized garments together with safety pins, the final images never reflect the realities of the shoot! In the afternoon it became overcast, and though it made for ideal light for the photographer, it was too cold for the models, so we bundled them up in warm jumpers between takes. The day went pretty smoothly and we managed to capture so many really beautiful pictures of both Finders and Makers classic collections as well as some new products. Everyone was happy with the results and we all felt a strong sense of achievement and empowerment that it was such a success. Stay tuned for the new product pics coming soon! The way I often imagine things ‘should be’ is sometimes a deterrent to actually getting started. The pursuit of perfection, or aspiring to the best doesn’t always reap the results we expect. Although it’s great to have high standards, I am realising that ‘perfection’ will only be achieved once I’ve learnt better to surrender to the mistakes and failures that come from the simple act of just giving it a go. I’ve made some notes about lessons learned and how to better prepare for the next photo shoot and I’m sure with each one my confidence will continue to grow. My takeaway though is that I’m really pleased with the overall results of this team effort, from my own village of empowered women. It’s important to remind ourselves of the learning journey everyone needs to travel to get to the pinnacle of the achievement. We just have to be brave enough to publicly suck at something new. Until next time, Carina. All photos copyright of Finders and Makers #knowthemaker #personalstory #whomademyclothes #veganlife #consciousfashion #ecofriendlyfashion #sustainablefashionblogger #melbournefashion #ethicallymade #sustainablefashion #fairtradefashion #vegan #melbournestyle #socialimpact #ethicalstyle #australianstyle #australianblogger #melbournefashionblogger #fairtradejewelry #fairtradeproducts #whomadeyourclothes #whomadeyourjewelry #consciousconsumer #consciousstyle #consciousentrepreneur #consciousshopping #ecofriendlygifts

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  • Fair Trade Jewellery | Australia |

    Finders and Makers sources stylish and contemporary handmade fair trade women’s jewellery from artisans around the world. ​ We support and work with Makers, enterprises and businesses, engaged in the advancement of women. We believe in the power of business to provide sustainable financial independence to the people that need it most. ​ We are passionate to advocate for social justice and human rights; a freedom not always experienced by our Artisan communities. ​ We cherish the beautiful and unique in our Makers and work to find handcrafted pieces that will be treasured and valued for years to come. ​ Because how you look is only half the story. ​ shop earrings shop necklaces shop rings shop bags shop scarves Our finders Creative, inspired and enthusiastic, Finders love developing opportunities for positive social and financial impact for the Makers, their families and community. LEARN MORE Our makers We would love to introduce you to the wonderful people behind the treasures you find at Finders and Makers. LEARN MORE Our collections Learn about the Makers we work with, their fair trade practices and how they promote the advancement of women. Finders and Makers earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and vegan silk. LEARN MORE follow us on instagram

  • We shout out other Australian brands we love.

    Shout Out to Josie Jone's ​ We love this Australian brand. The gorgeous clips and accessories create cuteness off the charts in our little ones. Check them out. Josie Jone's Store

  • Ethical and Fair Trade Jewellery | Shop $50 to $100 | Finders and Makers

    Shop $50 to $100 Filter by Collection All Bags and Scarves Bracelets Earrings Necklaces Rings Price $59.95 $99.95 Colour Metal Metal Finish Sort by NEW Quick View Fusion Panache Earrings Price $69.95 NEW Quick View Fusion Panache Ring Price $69.95 NEW Quick View Fusion Panache Necklace Price $79.95 NEW Quick View Fusion Panache Statement Hoop Earrings Price $79.95 NEW Quick View Fusion Panache Slimline Cuff Bracelet Price $69.95 NEW Quick View Fusion Panache Statement Cuff Bracelet Price $89.95 Quick View Evolution Scriptures Ring Price $69.95 NEW Quick View Evolution Shield Ring Price $69.95 NEW Quick View Grandiose Cosy Price $89.00 NEW Quick View Graceful Touch Price $89.95 Load More Finders and Makers sources fair trade fashion accessories and ethical gifts from artisans around the world. We work with ethical jewellery Makers and support their enterprises which promote the advancement of women.

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