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Finder: Shaina

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Ghitorni, Delhi, India

Ghitorni Village is in Ghitorni in Delhi's south west, near the Gurgoan border. It is home to a population of around 17,000 people.


Jewellery Designer and Mentor

The Finder behind this enterprise Shaina, is a passionate advocate for women’s financial independence and education. The business is based on the busy industrial outskirts of New Delhi, India and was established just under 10 years ago. Today it's home to several dozen artisans that choose to work from her welcoming premises, or their nearby homes.


Artisan Jeweller


Artisan Jeweller


Artisan Jeweller

The beautiful accessories these new artisans create are uniquely made. All of the earrings, rings, pendants, chokers and necklaces feature their signature design of hand rolled fabric remnants, with pieces colour matched into each finished piece, ensuring style is the focus, yet uniqueness is guaranteed in every piece.


Artisan Jeweller


To us it's a bowl of colourful beads, to the Makers it represents hope and a brighter future.

Camaraderie and Support

The Makers come together to make their creations, whilst they share their stories and gain support from each other

Shaina’s passion is channelled into providing skills training to these women, who wish to work and earn their own income. For many of the newly formed Makers, their first income allows them to stand tall and feel empowered, allowing them to feel they have equal rights to express how their family’s income will be spent.

Education is also important within this organisation. The Makers who join this group need to prove their children are attending school, via an attendance record of the children concerned, which is checked regularly. There is no fooling the lady at the helm of this organisation, who has worked tirelessly to create opportunities for women and a different path for their children.

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