Skilled, courageous, creative.

Proud of their work.

 Eye for detail 
 Quality Control
Favourite Colour: Red

This is Mitilesh.


Mitilesh loves the opportunity to earn financial independence using her eagle eye for detail.


Just like Mitilesh, the Makers of the products we source are central to what we do.

They are the creative, hard-working and skilled people behind the treasures you find at Finders and Makers.


Some shy, some not so shy. Talented individuals, proud of their long practiced artisan skills. Quietly tenacious, applying their craft to beautifully hand-made products.

We love to partner with our Makers for the long haul, ensuring we support their craft and provide a fair and sustainable source of income for their hand-made treasures.

​At Finders and Makers, we connect a global tribe of conscious consumers with creative and talented Makers. We offer a curated line of ethical jewellery and fair trade fashion accessories and homewares direct to you online.

Uniquely beautiful, fully traceable items you will love.